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Für das auf dieser Seite angezeigte Set mit dem Namen VW Käfer Oldtimer aus der Themenreihe Creator Expert haben wir für dich 1 Preis gefunden. Der niedrigste Preis für das Set mit der Nummer 10187 und der EAN 5702014518605 beträgt 1399,99 €. Der UVP Preis des Sets liegt bei 129,99 €.

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LEGO fans around the world named the famed Volkswagen Beetle as the classic car that they most wanted as a LEGO model…and now it's finally here! Based on the iconic 1960 'Charlotte' model, the LEGO Volkswagen Beetle features realistic details and functions like opening doors, hood and trunk, a spare tire in the front and engine in the back, an accurate interior, and more. Includes display plate with detailed specifications of the original Volkswagen model! Measures 16" (41cm) long and 6'½" (16cm) high! Realistic details include a movable stick shift, opening glove compartment and seats that fold forward! Features an engine in the back trunk and spare tire under the hood! Beetle details also includes a Volkswagen logo decal, windshield wipers and rearview mirror! Tires measure 2'½" (6cm) wide!

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