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Create your own Minecraft village, all with LEGO bricks!

Every Minecraft world has a village hidden somewhere. Create and customize your own, all with LEGO bricks. In this LEGO micro-world you can build your houses and grow the crops, but watch out for the aggressive Zombies that menace the Villagers. Below the village is a mine, so beware of the TNT when you go wandering, as the walls can explode. Comes with 3 buildable Micromob figures: the Pig, the Villager and the Zombie.

• Includes Pig, Villager and the Zombie buildable Micromob figures
• Recreate a Minecraft world as a micro-scale LEGO model
• Enjoy The Village, a new biome in the LEGO Minecraft micro-world
• Split the model into 4 sections and reconfigure it for a new play experience
• Add your own creations like houses and crops – just like in the real game!
• Travel the mines underneath The Village but beware of TNT; Removable wall elements included for explosion effects!
• Combine this biome with others in the same series to build your own LEGO Minecraft world
• Measures 3” (10cm) deep, 3” (10cm) long and 3” (10cm) high

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