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LEGO Creator 4090 Motion Madness Preisvergleich

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Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a LEGO model! Build a Motion Madness creation and watch it fly up a string or ride a bike across the floor! Invent whatever you choose, then set the wheels in motion as you place the creation on a string or wire and watch it go.

The special Idea Book included feaures full instructions for 6 models and inspiration for 9 more!

The Idea Book included with this set will bring hours of fun, with detailed step by step building instructions for 6 great models. Once you have mastered these, there are another 9 idea starters to inspire even more creative building with this Inventor Set!

Enter a whole new dimension of building with LEGO Inventor Sets! Construct wild creations of your own that really move, and then watch them go! Each LEGO Inventor Set features a wide assortment of elements in different shapes and colors, plus inspiration for many different models! Build whatever you like, however you like, and make it move, roll, or fly down a wire -- then take it apart and build it again. Combine sets and create totally unique models that are yours alone.

All Inventor Sets feature:

  • At least 6 full building instructions for cool models that move
  • Unique elements and new LEGO brick colors
  • Three levels of building fun -- Quick Build, Experienced Build, and Advanced Build

Imagine it.. build it.. and make it move!

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