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LEGO Dino 5887 Dino Defense HQ Preisvergleich

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Protect the Dino HQ and send the dinos running!

At Dino Defense HQ, the heroes are preparing for an epic prehistoric battle! Equipped with a communications center, laboratory and tranquilizer refilling station, it’s a hive of activity. Prepare for the dino attack! Close the gates, fire the tranquilizer weapons and capture the dinos with the crane and net! Includes 4 hero minifigures, 3 dinosaurs, helicopter and car.

  • Includes 4 hero minifigures
  • Dinosaurs include T-Rex, Raptor and Coelophysis
  • Vehicles include helicopter and car
  • Dino Defense HQ features opening gates, moving crane with net, flick missiles, communications centre, laboratory, helicopter landing pad, refilling station and 3 flick missiles
  • Close the gates and prepare for attack!
  • Use the crane and net to capture the dinos!
  • Measures 13” (33cm) wide and 8” 20cm)tall
  • Car measures 2” (5cm) wide and 4” (10cm) long
  • Helicopter measures 7” (17cm) long, 2” (5cm) tall and 5” (12cm) wide
  • T-Rex measures over 11” (27cm) long and 4"(10cm) tall
  • Raptor measures over 3” (7cm) tall and 5" (12cm) wide
  • Coelophysis measures over 2” (5cm) tall and 3" (7cm) long

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