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LEGO Castle 8877 Vladek's Dark Fortress Preisvergleich

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Seize the Dark Fortress and save the Kingdom!

The biggest LEGO Castle set ever! The Knights of Morcia must lower the drawbridge and capture the Dark Fortress. If they fail, Lord Vladek will conquer all of Morcia! The Knights have courage, skill, and horse-mounted and horse-drawn catapults on their side. But the Dark Fortress is protected by two fireball catapults! Even if they get past them, they must still face Lord Vladek and knock down his Vlad-Mask to end his reign. Who will win? You decide!

  • Launch fireballs and stones as the two sides clash!
  • Dump the cauldron of fire on invaders.
  • Includes 9 minifigures - Sir Danju, Sir Santis, Sir Rascus, Sir Jayko, Lord Vladek, skeleton and 3 Shadow Knights.
  • Shadow Knights' armor and Vlad-Mask are metallic-colored!
  • Includes horse-mounted catapult, horse-drawn catapult and mobile blunt shooter!

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